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Being a songwriter is kind of like being a doctor. Both jobs require years of education and lots of practice. Plus, on top of those basic requirements, the most successful songwriters are co-writing daily and gaining a network within the music community. It’s definitely not easy juggling it all, but as a wise man once said, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

Below are some of the folks that can help you perfect your craft and gain a wider network. A lot of writers who are new to the music business ask, “How do I sell my song”, or “How do I get my song on the radio?”. These resources below will help teach you about music licensing, radio royalties, music publishers, and so much more.

NSAI, aka the “Nashville Songwriters Association” protects the rights of songwriters and hosts a plethora of workshops taught by music industry insiders. Fun note: Tin Pan South, NSAI’s annual week-long festival, features just about every songwriter you’ve ever looked up to. Seeing the faces and hearing the stories behind the hit songs make the event a “must do” when you’re in Nashville! 

The Workshop is a 24-hour songwriting space here in Nashville, located on the legendary Music Row. If you’re in Music City and need a quiet place to write or meet with other co-writers, The Workshop has four songwriting rooms full of vintage vibes to get your creative juices flowing. Update as of 2021: Some songwriters have reported that The Workshop has closed.

SongU provides multi-level song writing courses developed by award-winning songwriters, song feedback, mentoring, one-on-one song coaching, co-writing, unscreened pitching opportunities and more. Exclusive $20 value for Pearl Snap Studio customers: Receive 10-days FREE Platinum membership (No commitment. You can continue or cancel at any time). Includes all-access to online pitching opportunities, DIY courses, LIVE song and production feedback sessions with award-winning songwriters and publishers, and more. As a BONUS, you will also receive 8 credits toward a free “quickie” song evaluation from our coaches. To redeem offer, use promo code PSTENFREE at sign up.

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