NSAI Demo Workshop


Learn from Pearl Snap’s senior producer, Justin Morgan, at the upcoming NSAI demo workshop.

Date: June 13, 2023 at 5:45

Location: NSAI Headquarters, Nashville, TN.


Texas native Justin Morgan is a multi-genre writer, producer and artist signed to both Centricity Publishing and BMG. He has upcoming releases that he co-wrote and produced with Raelynn, Big Daddy Weave, Meredith Andrews, Troy Cartwright, Jay Allen(upcoming radio single) and others.  He has had songs recorded by Runaway June, Jackson Michelson (radio single “Tip Jar”), Home Free, Lauren Duski, Audio Adrenaline, and others and has garnered over 100,000,000 streams . Justin’s also heavily involved in the film/TV world with over 75 film and TV placements, including T Mobile advertisements, UFC promos, NBC’s Chicago Fire promo, CW’s Batwoman, multiple movie end credits, national and international advertisements, and more. Justin is the senior producer at Pearl Snap Studios and lives in Nashville with his wife and family.



On Guest Speaker Nights, NSAI hosts guests ranging from songwriters to other music industry professionals to speak. This is a casual, laid back hour where the guests will talk about their journey in the music industry and allow members to ask questions. Justin will also be talking about the difference between masters and demos and why that’s an important distinction. He will touch on when to demo and what to think about / look out for when demoing your song.